Chinatown Girl

Jan 13


Happy 2014 everyone! I’ve started off my year with work, work, and more work – constant assignments and editing – but somehow managed to fit in a shoot with Wilhelmina model Allison Chu, stylist/designer Summer Shiigi of Summer Style Hawaii, and amazing international makeup artist Risa Hoshino. I’ve been wanting to work with Summer, so when I asked if she wanted to style a shoot for me, she came up with the concept of a slightly vintage style shot on location in our grungy, modern Chinatown of Honolulu. However, just before the shoot was coming together, I received my Kickstarted Petzval lens from Lomography, and I knew I had to use it for this shoot.

The Petzval is a lens first invented in 1840, and is known for its sharp center-focus along with the swirly bokeh effect it gives the background. The aperture is changed by manually inserting different sized aperture plates, and it’s manually focused, but with its new 21st century revamp, it’s now made to fit on either Canon or Nikon DSLRs.

This entire shoot was shot with natural light and the Petzval lens on my 5D Mark II, wide open at f2.2. Hope you enjoy it!

What I Know About Hawaii State Film Permitting (As of December 2013)

Dec 16
Taken from the jetty at the far end of Fort DeRussy Beach, so I *think* it counts as "Waikiki Beach (ONLY from beach fronting “Hilton helipad”through Fort DeRussy Beach)" as stated on the Oahu Open & Accessible Sites...

Taken a few days ago from the jetty at the far end of Fort DeRussy Beach, so I *think* it counts as “Waikiki Beach (ONLY from beach fronting “Hilton helipad”through Fort DeRussy Beach)” as stated on the Oahu Open & Accessible Sites…

Disclaimer: What I state here is just my understanding of the situation that has resulted in my current insurance being approved of by the Hawaii State Film Office, as of December 16th, 2013.  However, as I am not affiliated in any official capacity with the State, so I cannot guarantee everything I say is 100% accurate, and the State may change things in the future. Please comment and let me know if I’ve said anything explicitly inaccurate and I will do my best to amend it. 


This has taken a while, but I believe I’ve finally got all my ducks in a row with the stressful and confusing requirements implemented by the State of Hawaii for being eligible to receive a film permit, which is required for all commercial photography taking place on State property – including scenic landscapes you intend to sell as art prints.  Don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of things about the legislation that I absolutely do not agree with, but in the interest of professionalism, I’ve been working to get myself into their new online film permit application database, which in itself is a great improvement to the complicated system, and have finally successfully done so after addressing the controversial Automobile Liability requirement that they attempted to implement for the Annual Permit Application a couple of years ago.

Kauai 2013 – Day 5

Nov 11

View of Niihau at sunset from Waimea Beach.

Our last full day on Kauai began with a breakfast buffet at the Makana Terrace.  I love buffets for breakfast because I prefer savory to sweet carbohydrates as my first meal of the day, and this buffet allowed me to get a sweet little waffle as a dessert to top off my meal.

Breakast at the St. Regis’ Makana Terrace.

Kauai 2013 – Day 4

Oct 14

Raining sunset view of Hanalei Bay from the St. Regis Princeville. Panorama print available here!

Our fourth day on Kauai began and ended with rain, but in a lot of ways it made the experience more memorable. After grabbing a quick breakfast of pastries and coffee from the Napali Cafe, we headed down to the Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor to meet up with the Outfitters Kauai team for our kayak adventure up Hule’ia River.

The clouds were ominous, but it just added to the adventure. Hule’ia River was a shooting location for the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I was pretending we were going on an adventure for lost treasure.

We came equipped with both the waterproof GoPro, and my camera back in the water-housing.

Kauai 2013 – Day 3

Sep 27

A red-tailed tropic bird soars over the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge.

A clear morning view from our room at the Grand Hyatt Kauai.

On our last morning at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, we took it easy for once! After we woke up, we headed to the Seaview Terrace for a light breakfast. They offer delicious pastries, coffee, and other cafe-style breakfast options, and there were plenty of comfortable couches to relax on while enjoying the great weather.