• Archive: June 2009

Third Eye Blind Concert

Jun 28

All images shot with my Canon G9, about 30 feet from the stage. Overall, a really good concert! I’ve been a fan of these guys forever, so it was great to finally see them play in person. The first few songs had some poor quality vocal sound mixing, but they fixed it eventually, and the

Kodachrome Clips

Jun 26

I finally went ahead and mashed together the random video clips of Koda that I’ve taken with my G9 so far in Windows Movie Maker!  It’s not much, but enjoy!

Smitten Weddings! A New Service Preview…

Jun 26

Smitten Photography, the company I am a part of along with my boss, Daeja Fallas, is now offering wedding photography services in addition to our portrait photography. Our angle to set us apart from all the other wedding photographers in Hawaii is to focus on shooting fashion editorial-style images, as that’s her specific area of

Yelp’d For Hawaii Photo Rental

Jun 24

I wanted to post a shout-out to Hawaii Photo Rental today for being such a wonderful service to have here in Honolulu.  I love it so much that I even signed up for Yelp today just to post a review for them.  Josh, the owner, is extraordinarily helpful in getting you the equipment you want,