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Holga Love


Got my latest toy in the mail today!  It’s a Holga lens attached to a Canon camera body cap so it can be attached to Canon SLR and DSLR cameras.  They are available for purchase at HolgaMods.Com, and ship really fast!  Now I don’t have to wait to take 120 film to get processed, or if I’m feeling really needy about taking some Holga shots, I can have some instant gratification!  Woohoo!

The reason it’s so blurry on the edges is because of how the sensor and lens don’t quite match up, but I think it’s kind of awesome.  Photoshop-effect without the Photoshop!  Here are a few of my traditional Holga shots done with 120 film, and here are some far superior examples of Holga photography than mine.

Holga cameras are cheap, plastic cameras that are one of the most readily available for shooting medium format film.  They are famous for their distorting plastic lens and tendancy to leak light, giving the images a dreamy, nostalgic aesthetic.  In this day and age when it is easy to get a crisp, clear photography using a digital point-and-shoot, Holgas have become a tool for artistic, expressive imagery.

I highly recommend buying Holgas from HolgaMods.Com, as the cameras there are slightly modded to get past some of the more annoying traits (loose-winding film, etc.), while they still capture amazing pictures.  The site also has some neat information about the history of Holgas, as well as tons of fun modifications such as shutter releases, pinhole lenses, and more!

I’ll be back with better photo examples later!

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