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Iranian Election Photos


And on a more serious note, I have stayed up all night following the #IranElection tweets on Twitter, which come in by the hundreds ever ten seconds or so.  As a photographer, the pictures were most interesting to me, as a few started being TwitPic’d in from Tehran.  However, it was someone’s re-tweet of THIS gallery that really caught my interest.

Warning, the gallery includes some very graphic images of the injured, dying, and dead.

From my understanding, the photographer is collecting photographs from people in Iran and posting them to Flickr via email.  Many of the photos have been picked up by the major news organizations around the world.  Not only are they extremely revealing of what’s going on in a country that’s been mostly closed off to the international media, a lot of them are amazingly good pictures.

It almost makes me want to be a heroic photojournalist, but luckily for my mother’s peace of mind, I’m sure I would be far too much of a coward to ever venture into chaotic streets like that.  All I can do is sit back and admire these brave photographers.

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