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Zoo Day!


Kaeo and I went to the zoo yesterday while we waited for Gabe to get off of work.  While I love my Canon 70-200mm f.2.8 IS, I’m dying for the 100-400mm!  I have the Canon 2x extender, but I’m less than thrilled with the quality of the images it produces in shadowy, low-lighting.  But, I’m not a wildlife photographer, so until I am, I shall make do.

The tiger cubs have gotten so big!  Here’s a photo of one that I too back in January/February:

And here they are now!:

One of the older tigers was napping in the other pen:

One amusing moment was when we saw that a cat had infiltrated the spoonbill exhibit. He was mostly eating the birds’ food, but was also chasing around some of the duck for fun.

Mmm, patterns and contrast and odd-numbered subjects…

And finally, for some reason I often get photos of wild birds at the zoo that I like more than the ones I have of the zoo-birds. For example, my Mejiro photo, taken with my old Digital Rebel about four years ago:

This time, I got a photo of a male cardinal flitting around collecting food from the sidewalk and feeding it to his baby that was following closely behind:

I swear that I will someday make a photo book of all my tiger photos.

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