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July 2009

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Brief Update


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! This past week has just had me overrun with stuff to do. I did shoot another wedding this past Saturday, so expect a post of images soon. Smitten Photography is getting an overhaul done, and the name is changing to D’Amour Pacific Photography, so setting up the new site is going to be taking a lot of my time. On top of that, Daeja and I are going to Maui this weekend and I’m assisting her shoot for Honolua Surf Co. on Monday! Busy times, but also lots of photos, so I promise to get back on track with my updates.

Until then, Gabe and I have started taking photos of Koda in random places (while she still fits in them, she’s getting so big!)

Chris and Krystal – July 11th, 2009


In association with Cariño Studios, I helped shoot Chris and Krystal’s wedding reception at the Hilton Hawaiian! The wedding party was an amazing group of friends who came up with some hilarious poses, and everyone had a great time, especially around the candy bar. One highlight was the wedding party’s choreographed dance to the song “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire!