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Tori Richard Shoot!


Back in February, I assisted Daeja with my first commercial photo-shoot, for Tori Richard. The shoot took place at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, took about 13-hours, but it was a great learning experience for me. Well, several months later, the images are finally up! Head over to the Tori Richard site and check out Daeja’s awesome photos! (They’re under the women’s clothing) The lovely model is Michelle Vawer, currently in New York with IMG. You might recognize her from a few of my images from shoots where I was allowed to shoot from behind Daeja – luckily I got to photograph her before she gets super famous!

The Honolulu Advertiser also has an article with Daeja’s photos, about the clothing designer, Tamar Wong, who is a good friend of Daeja’s.

Finally, here are two images I shot that day that I kind of liked. (No where near as good as Daeja’s, but I’m still learning!) For the first…a green Diamond Head! I sometimes forget what that looks like during these dry, hot summers.

And I do like this one, even though my highlights blew out completely.

Overall, it feels good to see the final images, knowing that I was there holding reflectors, lights, and scrims. I suppose I’ll geek out less as I gain more experience with commercial shoots, but for now, I think it’s awesome!

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