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And Now For Something Different

Sep 19

…commentary on television shows! This will give me something to write about other than just my photos. However, if you come to this blog looking only for photos, feel free to click the ‘photo’ tag in the right-hand column in order to filter out these non-photo oriented posts. It’s 1:39AM according to my computer clock,


Sep 16

Dear Blog, I’ve been neglecting you. It’s not that I have nothing to show or say for myself, but more that I’ve been lazy, and it’s so much more convenient to upload things to Facebook, DeviantArt, and Flickr. But that’s no excuse, and to make up for it, here are some polaroids. Love, Dallas. Okay,

Ode to Vintage Hawaii

Sep 13

Model is Cerise of Niche Models and Talent. And that plane was really there! We were shooting near the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, and the huge military planes kept coming in, which, combined with the parasol, were really reminiscent of the WWII Hawaii era. Romanticized, of course.

Hirata Family 2009

Sep 2

Once again, I got to photograph one of my favorite families in the world, the Hiratas! Jonathan (light blue overshirt) is one of my oldest friends and currently working in New York City, and I’ve been photographing his sister Jen and her two little boys for the past couple years now. It’s crazy how big they’ve gotten! This time, we did a sunset beach shoot at Kamaole Beach Park on Maui.

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