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No Matter How Hard It Tries…

Oct 26

…digital can never be film. This is a photo of Kuulei from Niche that I did a little experimenting with.  We were shooting indoors, and it was kind of dark so I was pumping up the ISO with all the lovely nostalgia of film.  Sadly, the noise of digital photos will never have the same

So many projects, so many incomplete…

Oct 10

I am so behind on blogging, but I seem to be behind on almost everything.  Studio Myo is looking to launch a fashion/accessory line with products ready by next April, and so I’ve been doing some graphic design for that, but no finished mock-ups.  Right now I’m doing designs for basic t-shirts, as well as


Oct 2

Last month Daeja and I got to work with the girls of SUGARHIGH + LOVESTONED, a collaboration between two fashion lines originating on Maui. With the help of stylist Jessica Simpson and Charls the Wonder Intern*, we had a super successful shoot! I’ve posted some polaroids from that day, but now that their site is