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No Matter How Hard It Tries…


…digital can never be film.

This is a photo of Kuulei from Niche that I did a little experimenting with.  We were shooting indoors, and it was kind of dark so I was pumping up the ISO with all the lovely nostalgia of film.  Sadly, the noise of digital photos will never have the same romantic quality of film grain.  Sure there are programs like Exposure 2 that will attempt to emulate the qualities of film, but it’s still not the same.

This is a self-portrait I took with Ilford Delta 100 last year, and printed it on matte RC paper.  That’s the actual border of the print too! (This image ended up being used for making inter-negatives and experimenting with various hand-applied emulsions.  So old school!)

I really need to start shooting/making small prints again.  With my access to the UH darkrooms about half a mile from me, what’s stopping me? The laziness of digital is. Heck, I’m too lazy to edit a lot of the digital photos I have, let alone go venture into the darkroom again.  But, my romance with the nostalgia of film grain keeps tugging at me to get out of my chair and back into the dark, so maybe…

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