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So many projects, so many incomplete…


I am so behind on blogging, but I seem to be behind on almost everything.  Studio Myo is looking to launch a fashion/accessory line with products ready by next April, and so I’ve been doing some graphic design for that, but no finished mock-ups.  Right now I’m doing designs for basic t-shirts, as well as some custom designed dresses/tops.  Kaeo is supposed to be putting together a small screen printing station in his bedroom, but so far only the screens and frames have been purchased. I have the materials to put together a ton of glass tile necklaces, but haven’t finished any because the loops on the bails can’t fit over the pre-made necklaces’ clasps.  Then there’s photography…I have a few models on Model Mayhem who want to work with me, but I haven’t come up with any solid shoot ideas yet.  The good news is that Daeja is finally back from New York, so I’ll have some real work to do.

I’m also planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year…but we’ll see how that goes. I have an idea, but no solid outlines, and only twenty or so days to be ready to write.

Currently waiting for a friend to wake up from his afternoon nap so we can take a group excursion to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for so much needed solidarity against procrastination.  I’m worried he’ll wake up around 7pm, since he’s not answering his phone.

Lastly, I plan to be doing just-for-fun shoots in the UH Manoa Photo studio this semester, since I’ve paid my lab fees. I’ll make a post of the random images we’ve shot so far, but here’s one for now:

By the way, finally got Koda’s Australian pedigree papers! I’ll be making a page on this site dedicated to her later, in case I eventually decide to breed her.  (I come from a family of dog breeders, so it’s in my blood!)  But not until we have a yard for her!

Our friend is not waking up, so we may have to drive over there and wake him up ourselves…

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