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Black Friday Adventures

Nov 27

This is my first Black Friday that I spent at a mall.  The idea of Black Friday always rather disgusted me, bringing to mind the images of unruly crowds frantically trampling over each other as they rush into WalMart to buy TVs, DVD/Blu Ray players, etc.  However, I was curious this year as to how

Character Preview

Nov 10

For my NaNoWriMo, I’ve found it easier to write scenes if I could look at the characters.  So, here’s a preview of the rough character portraits I’ve done so far!  I’ll share more about each character, and the story itself, when I work up the courage. ;)

Europe, Revisited, and More

Nov 6

As inspiration/research for my NaNoWriMo endeavors, I’ve been going through a lot of my old photos from my Europe study abroad in 2006.  Here are a few that I decided to re-process, and most of them have never been posted, aside from my old study abroad blog, which is no longer in existence. “Burano” –