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January 2010

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Basic Color Processing & Retouching For Cosplay Photography

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Chelsea and Nick


Chelsea and Nick have been together for five years, and are still very much in love. I spent an afternoon with them to test my ‘new’ vintage TLR camera and rangefinder cameras, but took a few digital images too, just in case the film didn’t work out.

In Which I Do Video – “Happens To Us All”


Met up with my old friend Bryan Bangerter while we were both back on Maui for the holidays, and with Kaeo on audio-recording duty we filmed a one-shot, impromptu music video of his song “Happens To Us All”.  Head over to Vimeo for the HD version, or check it out below:

Happens To Us All from Guerilla Film Society on Vimeo.

Filmed with my 5DMKII and the 50mm f.1.8.  Please forgive my unpracticed rack focusing!