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Top 10 for Metromix

Mar 30

Metromix must be getting tired of my face! Today, my Top 10, in which I listed my favorite places for hand roll (temaki) sushi for under $2, went online.  Go check it out! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my daily photo blog, Visuals.  I have gone 45 days with daily updates so far, so

Made the Metromix Front Page!

Mar 25

Made the front page of Metromix, along with my roommate Gabriel and fellow photographer Cheyne!  This photo was snapped at the recent Mochi Tweetup, where I got to try delicious Happy Hearts Mochi for the first time.  Thanks go out to Tracy Chan, the Metromix photographer, for choosing me to be one of her models.

Orbito Family Tweetup/Shoot!

Mar 20

My fellow Hawaii Twitter photographers and I have started doing this new thing where we plan a tweetup asking people to take photos.  Ed and I did this before he left just to get more photos of us together, and it worked out great! It can almost be treated as a workshop where we all

Studio Myo Button Preview, Part II

Mar 15

Joining the rest are: – Surfing spam musubi – Maki sushi with friends – Spam musubi solo – Maki sushi solo – Matcha cupcake – “Say ‘NO’ to shooting on automatic!” Again, buttons are 1″ in size, and are $1 each!

Studio Myo Button Preview!

Mar 15

Here’s a preview of some of the new button designs I’ll be selling at KawaiiKon this year at our Studio Myo table!  This is just part of the new designs, so I’ll post the next set once I get some made.  Buttons are 1″ in diameter and cost $1 each. Designs include: – Digital pixel