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March 2010

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Basic Color Processing & Retouching For Cosplay Photography

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Top 10 for Metromix


Metromix must be getting tired of my face! Today, my Top 10, in which I listed my favorite places for hand roll (temaki) sushi for under $2, went online.  Go check it out!

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my daily photo blog, Visuals.  I have gone 45 days with daily updates so far, so I’m a lot more faithful to that blog than this one. ;)  KawaiiKon is coming up in a couple weeks, so if all goes well I should be churning out a few more designs.

Orbito Family Tweetup/Shoot!


My fellow Hawaii Twitter photographers and I have started doing this new thing where we plan a tweetup asking people to take photos.  Ed and I did this before he left just to get more photos of us together, and it worked out great! It can almost be treated as a workshop where we all share techniques and ideas.  The most recent of these tweetups was for photographer Marc Orbito and family.  There were around 5-6 photographers there at Kakaako Waterfront Park, but I somehow managed to avoid catching them in my shots!