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Kawaii Kon 2010

Apr 21

Well, another Kawaii Kon, Hawaii’s own anime convention, has once again passed, in all its geeky glory. I was actually fortunate enough to have one of my photos from last year’s Kon on the cover of Metromix with a few additional photos accompanying the article!

Webcam shot of me with my second Metromix cover!

The guy wearing black on the cover actually came and found me during this year’s Kon to thank me for having the photo published. Apparently he’s a teacher on the Big Island, and several of his students brought the paper in to show him they’d seen his picture! Fun times.

While I’ve been going to the Kon since 2007, Ed’s first year of going was last year’s 2009 convention, during which he can actually remember seeing me in costume.

In costume as Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. Gun not related. Kawaii Kon 2009.

I, on the other hand, have no recollection of seeing him, but that’s probably because he wasn’t in costume himself! But, this year, circumstances found me costume-less myself, and so I settled for photographing others over the weekend, especially my friend from Maui, Caleb, whose Star Wars inspired Mandalorian armor is always a huge hit at Kon.

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Adventures on the USS Chung-Hoon

Apr 8

Thanks to my Twitter connections, I was lucky enough to be one of the blogger/tweeter/photographers…well, ‘New Media People’, to be invited by the US Pacific Command’s Public Affairs to the Navy’s Family Cruise day on the USS Chung-Hoon. It was great to share this adventure with my fellow social media people, including Damon Tucker (Who

Gavin and Nikki – Portrait Session

Apr 7

Another couple I got to photograph on Maui was my old friend Gavin and his girlfriend, Nikki.  This adorable high school couple is just too cute for words, so I’ll let the photos say the rest!

Mike and Jenna – Engagement Session

Apr 7

A couple of weekends ago, I went back home to Maui to shoot engagement photos for my friend and partner in Cariño Studios, Mike Carino, and his fiancée Jenna.  We started up on the mountain at Poli Poli, then worked our way down to the beach by sunset.  Although Mike is like me in that