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May 2010

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Recent Happenings


I’ve fallen behind on blogging again, so here’s a brief update on what’s been going on:

I had another article published on Metromix a few weeks back, this time a visual tour of some of my favorite places to go in Honolulu.  I used it as an opportunity to support a few of my favorite local businesses, as well as show some of my less-seen photographs, including a few from my daily photo blog…

…and, by the way, I’m up to Day 91 on Visuals.  This is the one-a-day photo project I’m doing while Ed is gone, and it’s helping each day go by quicker…especially when I’m scrambling at the end of the day for a photo! I totally intend to make a book of the photos and entries once he’s home for good.

I’ve been better about updating our couple-blog, ProAwesome.Com. Yes, the name is a joke about us striving to be professionally awesome.  A good goal, right? We can try, at least! This is also where most of our wedding information will go. Speaking of…

We got featured in an article by the Honolulu Advertiser‘s Mike Gordon! (Photos by the lovely Lisa Hoang of Windwardskies Photography) Thanks go out to everyone who’s helped us and supported us with the wedding – we really hope it’ll be a fun time for everyone!

I’m going to San Diego soon to visit a friend for her birthday, and I’m looking forward to photographing a change of scenery. Also meeting the mother-in-law and sister-in-law for the first time…exciting! (And nerve-wracking, but I’ll get over it…) :)

One of the more random and entertaining things I’ve done lately is walk in a UH student fashion show, wearing a shirt by one of my friends who’s in the APDM (Apparel Product Design and Merchandising) program. I’m no model, but it was fun to pretend for a night (honestly never thought my hair could do that!):

Finally, I am also going to be back home on Maui for the first couple weeks of June, and I’m having a portrait special while I’m there:

…and I guess that’s all for now! Hopefully I will have something more substantial to blog about soon. :)