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June 2010

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Retro Camera Goodies!


Thanks to Appi, I recently became aware of FredFlare.Com and their adorable camera-related accessories.

Here’s a super cute digital camera bag styled to look like a retro camera! (This is the one Appi showed me first.)

So, I went to further investigate Fred Flare, and found several more photography-related goodies that I just have to share! (Because I can’t afford to go splurging on them now, haha!)

First, how adorable are these mini camera zipper pulls?

They even come inside a little old-fashioned film canister! I love it!

Along the theme of mini cameras, here’s a couple of tiny wooden cameras that are actually rubber stamps for old-fashioned camera graphics:

Of course, vintage camera love is never complete without Polaroids. Here are some beautiful notecards inspired by Polaroids, using actual Polaroid images:

And finally, an actual camera, and something I intend to get eventually, an action sampler camera that shoots 35mm film!

I love that retro-camera-inspired things are so in style right now!

San Diego – May 2010


This May found me in San Diego for about a week, visiting my friend Cameron for her birthday and meeting up with my soon-to-be mom and sister-in-law! From seeing the cast of Glee perform live in Hollywood, to photographing the sunset in La Jolla, I found a lot of great photo opportunities while I was there, and here are some of my favorite shots from the trip! Enjoy!

Cameron at her campus, CSU San Marcos.

Architecture at CSU San Marcos.

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