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San Diego – May 2010


This May found me in San Diego for about a week, visiting my friend Cameron for her birthday and meeting up with my soon-to-be mom and sister-in-law! From seeing the cast of Glee perform live in Hollywood, to photographing the sunset in La Jolla, I found a lot of great photo opportunities while I was there, and here are some of my favorite shots from the trip! Enjoy!

Cameron at her campus, CSU San Marcos.

Architecture at CSU San Marcos.

Cameron and I at Torrance High School, aka Buffy's Sunnydale High!

Cameron's kitty, Cassidy.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) from Glee performing 'Defying Gravity'.

Panda Cub at the San Diego Zoo.

In the San Diego Zoo aviary.

Tiger at the San Diego Zoo.

Studio doors in the Spanish Village Art Center at Balboa Park.

Lotus blossoms at Balboa Park.

Cameron, backlit at Balboa Park.

Rose at Balboa Park.

Old Town, San Diego.

Awesome coffee and tea shop in Old Town.

Oceanside, San Diego.

Oceanside pier.

Oceanside coastal view.

My friend Bryan, movie director and musician.

Cave at La Jolla.

Sunset at La Jolla.

Evening wave.

Sneaking a photo of a wedding couple getting portraits taken.

Cameron in the evening light.

Beach stairs.

Evening colors of La Jolla's coast.

Sadly, I was pretty sick by the end of my trip, but overall I had a good time! Hope you enjoyed the photos, and yes, I am open to being your trip’s official photographer in exchange for airfare/lodging. ;)

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