• Archive: March 2011

Something Different

Mar 27

Been feeling like my personal photography (when it happens) has been getting stale. So, going to be trying something different than my typical golden hour, warm split-toned, back-lit, shallow DOF, as far as portraits go. Good thing I have a live-in model now. Edit – A few more added…

Night Of The Super Moon

Mar 19

Tonight, we braved the wind, rain, and freezing temperatures up on Haleakala to capture the biggest full moon in 18 years, known as the “super moon”.  Although we missed the moon rise due to bad weather, once the bright moonlight broke through the clouds I managed to capture a ‘moonbow’ at the summit!  Here are

Interlude: Kaveh Kardan at Makapuu

Mar 11

Edward and I modeled for fellow photographer Kaveh Kardan today at Makapuu. He’s moving to New Zealand for a year, so I snapped this portrait of him.