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May 2011

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It’s been raining for two days straight pretty much, so I finally decided to stop being lazy and do something about it. Ed is gone for training right now, so this was all me and a remote/timer. Utter madness, I went crazy with processing, but heck, it was fun! (I’m pretty sure I’ve somehow damaged my hip from all that jumping in rainboots, but oh well, it was totally worth it.) Click here to see images EVEN BIGGER…where they are also available as prints! :)

Warning: SUPER image heavy, just the way I like it :D

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Chasing Lightning


The storm continued today, and as I watched it go, I wondered how I would top last night’s images. I drove around through the pouring rain, worried, got a burger, tweeted, came back home, cursed the sky, tried to take photos outside my house between raindrops, got back in my car, drove some more, and finally went to my ‘secret spot’ just as the rain subsided, and managed to get ‘the shot’ (available here as a print to purchase!):

Now I’m satisfied. Here are the less epic photos:

…still sad I missed the water spout though.