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August 10th Update: My back-pocket photo (Photo 2) made the Times Square billboard at the end of Week 3!!  Hawaii/Army represent!

Week 4 is the last week before the final round, and we need to win one of the categories if we’re going to go onto the final round, and hopefully win Sara a photoshoot and the rest of us some cash and validation! ;)

Original Post:

Hey all!

So, the purpose of that last Americana-themed shoot was to have our model, Sara, enter photos in the American Eagle Outfitters photo contest (and have a happy fun day, since her husband is currently deployed – I can relate to the need for fun!). If you could please click the following links and vote for all our photos, hopefully we can win!  The grand prize is $3000 and a photo shoot by American Eagle for Sara, so let’s get this soldier her modeling gig.  The following photos are a mix of mine, Michelle’s, and Phil’s…pick your favorites, or if you have time, vote for them all! :)

Note: You don’t have to choose, you can vote for each photo once. Thank you!

Photo 1 – Best AE Spirit

Photo 2 – Best Back Pocket

Photo 3 – Best Back Pocket

Photo 4 – Most Likely Rock Star

Photo 5 – Class Clown

 Photo 6 – Class Clown

Photo 7 – Class Clown

Photo 8 – Most Likely Rock Star

Photo 9 – Most Likely Rock Star

Photo 10 – Most Likely Rock Star

Photo 11 – Most Likely Model

Photo 12 – Most Likely Model

Photo 13 – Most Likely Model

Photo 14 – Most Athletic

Photo 15 – Most Athletic

Photo 16 – Coolest Hipster

Photo 17 – Coolest Hipster

Photo 18 – Aspiring Artist

Photo 19 – Aspiring Artist

Photo 20 – Aspiring Artist

Photo 21 – Best AE Spirit

Thank you for looking and helping us out!!

  • Model – Sara Beth Richards-Hay
  • Photographer/Styling/Hair – Michelle Velez
  • Photographer/Makeup – Dallas Nagata White
  • Photographer/Assistants – Ed White & Phil Velez







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