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Birds of AMR – Part I


While I was out walking Koda around AMR (Aliamanu Military Reservation), I noticed that there was a ton of variety in the types of birds flying around the trees and in the drainage ditch that runs through the neighborhood. So, I went back to my house to grab my camera and long lens, and here’s what I spotted in one afternoon (Please note…not all of these are the greatest photos, I don’t have a big enough zoom, so there was a lot of cropping. Plus some were difficult):

Ruddy Turnstone –  (`akekeke)

Yellow Canary

Common Waxbill

Common Mynah

Zebra Dove

House Sparrow (Center…the only one I saw all day!)

House Finch

Cattle Egret

Java Sparrow

Japanese White-eye (mejiro)

Brazilian/Red-crested Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

Golden Plover (kolea)

Hawaiian/Black-Necked Stilt (Ae`o)

Spotted Dove

Red-Vented Bulbul


Of course there are many, many more types of birds in Hawaii, but I thought this was a pretty impressive selection for our suburbs – sixteen different kinds of birds in one afternoon. I’m going to keep an eye out for other types of birds every time I go walking now, and maybe will branch out into bird-watching in other parts of the island! I am genetically inclined to have naturalist tendencies, so I am surprised it took me this long to start ‘collecting’ birds here. It was like playing Pokemon Snap all over again. ;)


Check out Hawaii Navigator and AlohaFriendPhotos.Com for more photos and names of local birds!

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