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Survived 11/11/11 and lived to tell about it!


Today was an absolutely insanely busy day. Between getting up at 4:30am (after 4 hours of sleep) to get into town on time for my APEC-related work, rushing up Tantalus to watch the F22s fly over Punchbowl for the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, and then adventuring into the cordoned-off zone of Waikiki for more APEC stuff, all the while filming random clips for OneDayOnEarth.Com, I am exhausted! (But not as exhausted as Ed, who is currently passed out on the floor of the hallway outside my office room, even though I told him to go to bed.)  We got home at about 10:15pm, and I’ve stayed up just long enough to make sure I got all of today’s photos uploaded and backed up while watching President Barack Obama’s landing at Hickam livestreamed via KHON2.  Wish I could have been there like last year, Mr. President!  But honestly…I’m also glad to be home, sitting down. It all hurts.  So…much…walking…

Today’s quote of the day:

Me: *After setting gear down at the checkpoint to get sniffed by the bomb dogs* Do you want me to put my coffee down too?

Security Lady: No, that’s okay. If you’re drinking explosives, that’s your problem.

Me: I like to kick-start my morning like that. ;)

Here’s a few photos from today that are non work-related, including soldiers and policemen guarding the street in the rain, Chinese protesters, the F22 Veteran’s Day flyover, and the only photo of Barack Obama that I took today.


Sometime next week I’ll cut together all my video clips of today. I am actually greatly looking forward to it being Monday!

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