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From Here To Eternity…

Jul 24

Making more of an effort to go out and shoot at night due to increased inspiration. This one is dedicated to my husband, Ed, who encouraged me to take this shot even though I was being stubborn about the lack of Milky Way in the photo. ;) Shot at the beach where the famous kiss

So, This One Time We Hiked To Lava…

Jul 19

Lava Kiss Print Available Here!

Wow. I’ve officially gone somewhat viral.

It all started with Alan Taylor of The Atlantic’s In Focus choosing my Lava Kiss photo out of the National Geographic Traveler photography contest to be the first image in the post about the competition. From there, PetaPixel picked it up, then Gizmodo, and from there it went on to the Huffington Post, Glamour, and even My Modern Metropolitan’s Facebook Page as the cover image.

The response to the photo has been overwhelmingly positive, though there have been the obligatory few dissenters. Most often that I’ve seen is that people believe it’s a Photoshopped image, despite having posted a Lightroom screenshot to Google+ back when the image was first posted and people accused me of compositing. So, here are some more images from that night, both taken with a point-and-shoot and my 5D Mark II, to give everyone a better idea of what was going on. Click each photo to see it bigger!

I’d like to note that we did not go alone, but with an authorized guide from Kalapana Cultural Tours. These guys watch the flows every day, and make the tour very safe, so I highly recommend their service! It is very dangerous to go out looking for lava if you are unfamiliar with the environment, plus it’s illegal as much of the flows cover what is still technically private property. Check out their blog here for nearly daily updates of their lava hikes, with photos!

We started out where the road ended, cut off by an older flow years before. It was about an 8-mile round-trip hike over some amazing pāhoehoe lava landscape, and the late-afternoon light was glorious.

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Beautiful Mistakes

Jul 9

My Kiev 60, bought off of eBay and used to shoot 120 film, has a winding problem.  When it’s winding correctly, it has the power to take some pretty awesome images with a depth and feeling that I can’t reproduce with my current digital lineup.  I’ll be able to afford a Hasselblad (film or digital)

In Memoriam – 5D Mark II

Jul 8

I knew this day was coming, so it comes as no surprise…and even though it might not be the end, I’ve already resigned myself to it being so.


My 5D Mark II has finally kicked the bucket.


AKA had an ‘Error 30′, which a brief Google Search told me meant I’d have to send it in for repair, as it’s a shutter mechanism issue.


I’m okay with it, as it has had a long, hard life over the last three and a half years or so, and it has been in decline ever since I was caught in a rainstorm without protection in May.  Since getting drenched, the on/off/aperture lock switch has taken a lot of effort to get the aperture unlocked, so I’ve basically left it in the “on” position since then. There’s also its infamous hot pixel issue with the sensor that even a trip to Canon couldn’t resolve, so it’s probably time for it to be replaced.


However, even though it’s just a piece of (thankfully insured) equipment, my 5D Mark II, has been on some great adventures with me throughout some significant times in my life.  In honor of its passing (and I may be speaking too soon as we still need to call the insurance agent tomorrow), I’d like to offer a retrospective of its life with me.

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July 4th Collaboration

Jul 5

I’d like to thank everyone for their awesome support of the Americana 2012 photo shoot!  Now that I’ve finished with that project for now, it’s back to catching up on my editing and working on making the new apartment livable before I go back to shooting for almost a week straight next week.  I don’t have