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Fashion Friday – 12th & Waialae

Aug 31

Model: Taneka Stephens (Wilhelmina Hawaii) MUA: Erica Elisha Stylist: Tyson Joines Here is a shoot I did with my awesome team this past June. The first image for each look is my original pick, and the second is what I added today. Which do you prefer for each look? Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

3Ladles For InsideOut Hawaii

Aug 30

When Ed brought in the mail this evening, he dropped off the September issue of InsideOut Hawaii that had just arrived on my desk. I was pleased to see my new friend Kat Reeder’s art featured on the cover – I’ve been a fan for a long time!

I quickly flipped to the article on Kat’s partnership with Le Sportsac.  I was actually supposed to cover the launch event for the design, but had managed to accidentally overbook myself that evening. (Learned my lesson!)  Aren’t the bags gorgeous? I can’t wait till I can get one for myself! It’s been awesome to see people around Oahu carrying them. Yay Kat!


After I finished reading the article, I continued perusing the magazine, until I came across a spread that made me exclaim, “Oh, hey!”

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Throwback Thursday – 50 Years

Aug 29

For this Throwback Thursday, I’m sharing a set of images I made of my dad, uncles, and aunt back in 2009, showing them as children, and again adults, in front of the old family home. For the life of me I can’t find the higher-resolution scan of the old photo, and the original is in

The Darker Side Of Midway

Aug 29

Midway Atoll is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, but there is also a darker side to the beauty, where one is faced with a stark reality of how humans have affected the Earth.

A friend just messaged me on Facebook asking what I thought about Chris Jordan’s MIDWAY Film, knowing I had just been there a couple of months ago for the Battle of Midway 70th anniversary.  Apparently, the legitimacy of the horrific images of dead birds filled with bits of plastic has been called into question by some, but from my personal experience, there is a real issue with the plastics and the birds. Here are two images from my Midway trip that I hadn’t posted before.

First, here is a 100% size crop of some ground on Midway’s Eastern Island. You can see there are bits of plastic everywhere. Also, to the center-right of the photo, there are long, thin, white sticks – those are actually bones of dead birds, which could be seen everywhere on the island. Yes, of course some of them die from other causes, but it is a grim realization that each little pile of plastic represents where a bird once died.

This is the only image I found in my files specifically of a dead bird, and while it isn’t as stuffed with plastic trash as some of the images in Chris Jordan’s preview video, you can still see it died with plastic inside of it:

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Art and Me

Aug 27

After a week that included three sunrise photo shoots, two hikes, a fashion event, several meetings, and a casual but sweet birthday celebration for my husband, it was nice to take this rainy Monday off to work on cleaning our apartment and catching up on emails. My current top stressor is the death of one