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August 2012

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3Ladles For InsideOut Hawaii


When Ed brought in the mail this evening, he dropped off the September issue of InsideOut Hawaii that had just arrived on my desk. I was pleased to see my new friend Kat Reeder’s art featured on the cover – I’ve been a fan for a long time!

I quickly flipped to the article on Kat’s partnership with Le Sportsac.  I was actually supposed to cover the launch event for the design, but had managed to accidentally overbook myself that evening. (Learned my lesson!)  Aren’t the bags gorgeous? I can’t wait till I can get one for myself! It’s been awesome to see people around Oahu carrying them. Yay Kat!


After I finished reading the article, I continued perusing the magazine, until I came across a spread that made me exclaim, “Oh, hey!”

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Throwback Thursday – 50 Years


For this Throwback Thursday, I’m sharing a set of images I made of my dad, uncles, and aunt back in 2009, showing them as children, and again adults, in front of the old family home. For the life of me I can’t find the higher-resolution scan of the old photo, and the original is in storage, or I would have made it bigger, but you get the idea. There’s about 50 years between the original photo and my 2009 re-creation of it – not often you get to do that!

In my searches throughout my hard drives for the original scan of the old image, I’ve come to realize how I really will need to take a month off when I get a new storage system going, and I’m going to tag  everything.