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Meet Ace


How I met Ace is a funny story.  I had been at a going-away dinner at Buca di Beppo for a makeup artist friend along with my husband and my stylist, Tyson.  During dinner, Tyson and I both noticed a handsome young waiter walk back and forth past our table.  Of course, we were the most awkward we could possibly be and started eye-stalking every waiter and waitress that went past us trying to spot him again, to the point that our own table’s waitress kept stopping to ask if we needed anything. My husband was obviously the most mature one among us, and told the waitress straight up that we wanted to talk to a specific waiter. Eventually, Ace made his way to our table, and after introducing myself I asked if he was a model. “Nope,” he said.

I then asked him if he was at all interested in modeling, and when he confirmed that he was, we all exchanged information and added each other on Facebook and Instagram with plans to do a shoot soon.

Unfortunately, due to crazy schedules, “soon” turned into “a few months later”, but I decided that it was getting ridiculous and I needed to just shoot Ace, who had in the meantime been signed to Wilhelmina Hawaii on our recommendation. I wasn’t even his first shoot – he already had one under his belt as a groom for a stylized wedding shoot with Creatrix Photography!

For this shoot we had no stylist, and we had no makeup artist – the shoot was pretty much just awesome friends hanging out on the beach at sunrise, but it went better than I could have imagined, and Ace is a natural. Looking forward to working with him more often in the future!

After shooting in Waimanalo, we headed to Sandy’s to watch Ace do his thing as a professional skimboarder. Those photos will be in a later post!

Special thanks to Tyson for attempting long-distance styling advice via text message!

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