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Moon Rise From Lanikai


Made another attempt at the meteor shower last night, only to find the skies covered with thick, persistent clouds. While this prevented me from taking another crack at the stars, I did get some interesting photographs of Lanikai Beach in the darkness. The tide was receding, and the waves were gently lapping at the shore, creating a beautiful gradient during my 30-second exposures. Combined with the clouds, it felt almost like we were in a contained stage setting, or a surreal dream, as if there was a ceiling over this space that stretched out into the darkness. Then, the waning crescent moon finally peaked through the clouds on the horizon, lending a new depth to the scene.  I managed to briefly capture Venus chasing the moon, but Jupiter, which had risen earlier, was lost to the clouds.

Might try again tonight to see what I can get, if it’s clearer!

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