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Psychological Wellness Liberty – Chinatown


Yes, I just spent too much time on thesaurus.com coming up with a title that didn’t say “Mental Health Break”.

Today was kind of a weird day, after a couple of days where I felt a little off, a little unbalanced.  Maybe I’m supposed to put out that I’m perfect, but I am but a flawed human, and am susceptible to the self-questioning that artists tend to inflict upon themselves. This, combined with my steady quarter-life crisis-ing for this, my 25th year on Earth, can put me in a funk, but luckily, I spent the day with a couple of good friends taking photos that don’t really matter. No pressure, no worries, just whatever caught my eye.

It was also truly rewarding to be wandering around Chinatown without any plan or direction, only to unexpectedly run into various friends and acquaintances and being given welcoming hugs or nods and smiles of recognition. I love knowing so many creative and interesting people! Their positive energy is so uplifting when other people or situations try to bring me down.

Thanks, people. ♥

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