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October 2012

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Experiencing Kauai – Day 4


Hi everyone! Almost done with the Kauai trip recap, and sorry if this is a little rushed text-wise, but I’m off to California tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I finished at least this post.

Our last full day on Kauai was nonstop adventuring from start to finish, because we wanted to make the most of our time there. After a great buffet breakfast at the Kauai Beach Resort‘s Naupaka Terrace restaurant, we headed North toward Princeville Ranch for a horseback ride and waterfall picnic outing.

We first set out riding through the pastures, through many gates, then headed down into the valley, hiking on foot the last part of the way. Once we got to the waterfall, our guide laid out a picnic lunch of sandwiches, and we enjoyed relaxing around the beautiful, secluded scenery.  Once we were done, we hiked back up in a slightly different way, got back on our horses, and headed back.

Ed, and his big horse named Hana.

The horseback ride offered us some absolutely beautiful ranch land scenery, which, since it is private property, would otherwise be inaccessible.

Me atop my noble steed, Copper.

Our fearless leader, Lindsey!

At the watering hole.

More beautiful scenery.

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Experiencing Kauai – Day 3


Day 3 on Kauai began bright and early with a quick rush to a store for towels and sunscreen, as we usually have these things in the back of our car and therefore don’t think about bringing them. But we needed them, because it was finally time for our Na Pali coast snorkel tour with Holoholo Charters! Our tour included an early morning snorkel session, breakfast, sailing up to the Na Pali coast, having lunch, and coming back. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and even though the weather wasn’t the greatest for photos, I was having a blast the entire time. I usually consider myself a mountain girl, but I definitely love being on the ocean.

Holoholo Charters, based out of Port Allen, was awesome – the crew was helpful and fun, great service, and they even had prescription snorkel masks available! The ocean was really calm, too.

Stopping at the snorkeling location.

It was cloudy, but there were pretty light rays.

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Experiencing Kauai – Day 2


The Milky Way from Whalers Cove Resort

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Day 2 on Kauai began with a slightly late start – we were too comfortable sleeping in! We had been scheduled for our Na Pali coast snorkel tour that morning, but it’d been postponed to the next day due to weather concerns, leaving us with a wide-open day to do whatever we wanted. So, after we managed to wake up, our first mission was to find some delicious breakfast – and it was off to Kapaa’s Java Kai!

Morning sunlight streaming into our room.

Ed making sure our Google Calendar’s are updated with our travel itinerary.

There are barely any photos of us together most of the time, because one of us is usually behind the camera being artsy, but here’s a snapshot!

The tunnel of trees (With our responsible car-mounted phone navigation!)

Java Kai is an awesome little coffee shop in Kapaa – the third location of the local franchise. The brightly colored building is really eye-catching, and the menu and coffee was great! Ed and I had as much fun photographing everything as we did eating breakfast.

Ed posing in the doorway.

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