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Experiencing Kauai – Day 3


Day 3 on Kauai began bright and early with a quick rush to a store for towels and sunscreen, as we usually have these things in the back of our car and therefore don’t think about bringing them. But we needed them, because it was finally time for our Na Pali coast snorkel tour with Holoholo Charters! Our tour included an early morning snorkel session, breakfast, sailing up to the Na Pali coast, having lunch, and coming back. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and even though the weather wasn’t the greatest for photos, I was having a blast the entire time. I usually consider myself a mountain girl, but I definitely love being on the ocean.

Holoholo Charters, based out of Port Allen, was awesome – the crew was helpful and fun, great service, and they even had prescription snorkel masks available! The ocean was really calm, too.

Stopping at the snorkeling location.

It was cloudy, but there were pretty light rays.

Goofy mask smile! This was the first time I’d gone snorkeling since 2004…I’m a terrible Hawaii resident.

I’m thinking “Hurry up and take the photo, this is cold!” It wasn’t really cold, I’m just a wuss when it comes to temperature changes. Five minutes in the water, and I was fine.

Yay, I can still swim!

Clarity definitely wasn’t the best, so we spent most of our snorkeling time goofing off with the D20 and just enjoying being underwater for once.

Yay, a humuhumunukunukuapua’a! (Hawaii’s state fish)

Me, diving down to look at stuff.

Ed being Ed. ;)

Again, clarity wasn’t the greatest, so we didn’t take too many photos with our rented D20 from Hawaii Photo Rental, but the camera itself was really fun.

After snorkeling it was time for breakfast of fruits, pastries, and coffee! Let me tell you, sailing along with the wind in your face while sipping hot coffee after a good swim was a pretty awesome feeling.  After I started to notice the birds and flying fish, I broke out the long lens in an attempt to capture them.

One of my naturalist friends, please name this sea bird so I can edit this with the proper name. :) *EDIT* It’s a Brown Booby! :)

I love flying fish…

…but they are really hard to photograph!

My Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin photos were also not so successful.

The sun came out for a moment, giving better color, but these guys were mostly staying below the surface anyway.

My first glimpse of Niihau, the Forbidden Island. Holoholo Charters also offers tours that go to Niihau, so I’d like to come back to do that sometime!

Coming around to the famous Na Pali coast, only to find it engulfed in rain.

Ominous weather.

I believe the beach is ‘Barking Sands’ Beach.

Enjoying wine while relaxing on the ‘trampoline’ at the front of the boat.

This is the closest thing to a honeymoon that we’d ever had, so don’t mind our cute ‘together’ photos…we take them just like everyone else does! ;)

Yeah, despite the weather, everything was pretty darn awesome!

We came across a second pod of dolphins on our way to the Na Pali coast.

Ed took these with the D20, which was wet from rain and seaspray, hence the blurriness.

I absolutely love dolphins!

Fun photo of a dolphin spouting :)

My one clear jumping picture. Apparently, the ‘blush’ on his belly means he is feeling flirty and frisky…

Our boat seemed to be chasing back the clouds as the landscape was gradually revealed.

Finally, blue sky began to appear, and we got our first glimpses of the famous coastline.

The crew shared a lot of great information about the history of the coastline.

The landscape is completely otherworldly.

Wild goats grazing the grassy patches in the cliffs.

There are tons of caves and waterfalls all along the coast line.

The beaches along the Na Pali coast are accessible by kayak, or by a really difficult hike.  Here were some people camping out and fishing.

Experimenting with black and white to bring out details despite the haze.

Finally, it was time to eat lunch and head back to Port Allen. Ed and I spent most of the time just enjoying the bumpier afternoon waves while lying down on the trampoline, giggling like maniacs.

Goodbye, Na Pali coast! I’ll be back on a non-voggy and sunny day!

Drowned rat status after getting bounced and drenched for half an hour. So fun!

Back on dry land, it was time to race to our next hotel, the Kauai Beach Resort, where we checked in, showered, and got dressed for the Kauai Lifeguard Association 2nd Wave Celebration fundraiser concert. This great non-protfit organization is focused on promoting water safety and greatly reducing the number of drownings and other accidents on Kauai. The concert itself featured Hawaii legends such as Kalapana, Henry Kapono, Willie K., and comedian Andy Bumatai.


Us with our fellow travel bloggers and the Mayor of Kauai, Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr.



Henry Kapono

Henry Kapono

Henry Kapono

Andy Bumatai


  • The Holoholo Charters trip and tickets to the Kauai Lifeguard Association event were provided by the Kauai Visitor’s Bureau.


 Re-experience our trip on Storify!

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