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November 2012

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Experiencing Kauai – Day 5


Sorry this post is so delayed! Work plus my California trip (plus, admittedly, the release of Assassin’s Creed III) led to me not finishing this short final post of our Kauai trip until now.

On our last day on Kauai, we woke up for the perfect view of sunrise one gets from the Kauai Beach Resort. The beautiful rock formations gave us an opportunity to take great photos of the sunrise, even though it was a bit subdued due to the vog.  The beach itself is rocky, so it’s not the best for swimming, but is great for taking a relaxing stroll down the coast.

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Over the Edge with Special Olympics Hawaii


Photo by Ross D. Hamamura

This week’s adventure featured me getting the opportunity to rappel down the Sheraton Waikiki’s 31 stories to promote Special Olympics Hawaii’s Over the Edge fundraiser event. Individuals who successfully fundraise a minimum of $1000 for the Special Olympics’ athletes get to partake in this annual activity – it’s great fun and a great cause! Over 100 people were registered for the main Saturday event, and if you’d like to see how you can get more information at their website.

I showed up early in order to capture my friend Toby Tamaye of ATMarketing go down first, and he did it like a pro – even with a little aerial Gangnam Style dancing thrown in! Later, it was time for me to head to the top, take some photos of the view, hand off my DSLR, turn on the GoPro, and head down myself. Enjoy!

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