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2012 Year In Review Part 1


2012 was a crazy year of change, adventures, meeting amazing people, and a LOT of photos! Here is Part One (January – June) of 2012…to be continued tomorrow!



New Year’s Day Sunrise

I turned 25 and immediately began to have my quarter-life crisis.

A fashion shoot at the Hawaii Fashion Incubator space with Tyson, Amanda, and Erica.

We worked on a daily photo project for a while, but fell off the wagon in March.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day and Ed being home from Afghanistan for one full year with purikura.

Shoot with Deanna, Cassie, and Erica!

Shoot with Justine, Tyson, and Elinia!

Went to the Neil Diamond concert with my dad!


Met Tom Anderson and Trey Ratcliff on their Waikiki photowalk. :)

Got to hang out on the rainy North Shore with Trey and Tom – meeting them and becoming friends inspired me to pursue more landscape photography!

Kakaako Powwow Hawaii Walls shoot with Breanne, Cassie, and Erica!

Kawaii Kon 2012!

We went to the Big Island during Spring Break…and this happened.

This also happened, and is my personal favorite image of the year. :)

We also destroyed the One Ring.

Chelsea came to visit us from Germany! :)



Met the Dalai Lama! He took my hand as he was leaving his press conference.

Shoot with Misty, Tyson, Kecia & Sarah in Kakaako!

Pure Beauty shoot with Jessica Hoffman, Eva, Breanne, and Brianna!

Ed’s last day of going to work in the Army – commence terminal leave!


Shoot with Eva, Tyson, and Sarah!

Shoot with Jocelyn, Cassie, and Erica!

Shoot with Kassy & Erica!

Shoot with Sonya, Tyson, and Sarah!

Shoot with Anastasia!

My Photoboxing matches – “Good vs. Evil” and “Sugar City”

May Randoms! – Shoot with Leigh, Lauren, & Sarah, rainy portrait session with Shannon, Neka and the stars, and my first fashion editorial published!

Got to fly out to the USNS Mercy on its way into Pearl Harbor and toured the hospital ship.


June randoms – Venus in transit; partial lunar eclipse; Miss Hawaii with Tyson; moved out of the White House military housing to a temporary rental, working at a wedding with Ed…

Off to Midway Atoll for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Midway!

A full day spent on Midway – military ceremonies, enjoying the pristine beaches, observing all the wildlife…it was amazing!

Saying goodbye to Midway.

Shoot with Julie & Erica!

Shoot with Neka, Tyson, and Erica!

SBX tour at Pearl Harbor – learning about the “big white golf ball”!

 Continue on to Part Two!



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