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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Obligatory Mother’s Day baby photo. This is Mom and I in 1987.

Mom and I take a selfie in December 2013.

Mom and I take a selfie in December 2013.

So, those of you who follow me on social media might have already realized that my mom is pretty cool. But besides that, I’m super stoked to have a mom that has not only been a massively good influence on my life (obviously), but who is also a person I have tons of fun hanging out with – she’s seriously one of my best friends. So, to celebrate Mother’s Day, here’s a ton of candid photos of her and I hanging out in Japan last December that I lifted from my dad’s camera and slapped some VSCO filters on.

Please note that we were wearing the exact same coat for most of this trip. Also note that this is one of the rare times I’m truly exhibiting my ridiculousness in front of the camera in public – no retouching, and lots of stupid expressions. :D

PS. Thanks Dad, you’re basically the only person besides Ed who takes pictures of me. <3

PPS. I’ll try to update my blog again soon without the 4-months-between-posts.

On a plane!

Dad taking a photo of Mom taking a photo of me while I take a photo of a train…or something.

Among other things, I inherited my taste for coffee from Mom. Japanese vending machine coffee decisions are serious business.


Me taking a photo of Mom with her own camera. There were…5-6 cameras on this trip between us all, including phones and Google Glass.

Partially “CHEESE”, partially “Oh god Ron don’t lean too far back.”

“Quick! Before more people come!…too late.”

Coats came off after the uphill cardio.

I kind of love this photo.



Twin Coats strolling around Kyoto.

Tolerating my night photography demands.

I honestly don’t remember the context of this expression, but I’m sure it was important.


I chose to do a serene face for once.


I also love this photo.


It’s too bright and too early for me.


Walking through Himeji.

Mister Donut is also serious business.

Watching the dance of my ancestral hometown mascot. If you’re curious, search “Kumamon Dance” on YouTube.

The photos that never make it to my Profile Pictures on Facebook…

“Oooooh, color….”

“Everything hurts from walking, but LOOK! I AM USING MY TRIPOD.”

Go to Japan, eat/drink at British pubs.

Twin Coats at Kumamoto Castle.

Someday I will do full blog posts on my Japan trips – or actually get around to putting together the book I wanted to do. In the meantime, I’m traveling to NYC and Europe next month, and as this has become somewhat of a travel blog more than anything, I’ll try to utilize it more, rather than just posting on social media all the time. (Famous last words.)




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