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NYC Part I

The Milky Way as seen from my overnight HNL -> JFK flight on Hawaiian Airlines.

The Milky Way as seen from my overnight HNL -> JFK flight on Hawaiian Airlines.

Last June, on my way to Europe, I spent a few days in New York City for the first time, staying with my good friend Jonathan. Here’s a collection of my NYC photographs from June 19th-22nd, from the perspective of an island girl on a whole other kind of island.

The East Coast greets me with a vaguely shark-like cloud for sunrise as we descend toward JFK.


The skyline as seen from New Jersey looked fake. Like it was a model.

First NYC sunset as we were out prowling for my night of special food sampling.


That night I sampled takoyaki, fries, hot dogs, and speak-easies.


If you know, you know.


Day two began with me walking around Wall Street. The bull was swarmed, so I didn’t bother, but at least I know Wall Street was having documents shredded confidentially.


Apparently double-decker NYC sightseeing leaves you hanging on for dear life.


Beautiful and terribly sad statue outside of the National Museum of the American Indian.


My favorite part of walking around Manhattan was all the dramatic reflected light and shadows everywhere.


The view from Jonathan’s office in the Financial District.


A shiny globe sculpture at the Colombus Circle subway exit.


Red, yellow, blue (and green) – the colors of NYC in the summer.


John Lennon’s Imagine circle in Central Park.


Central park’s roads are filled with carriages and bicycles.


The oasis in the middle of the urban jungle, where you can hardly see the buildings anymore.


Yes, I did pay him a photo tip!


The layers of color, light, and texture walking through Central Park in the afternoon were amazing.


Obligatory Hawaii-kid-is-excited-to-see-squirrels photo.


A circumzenithal arc begins much to the golden statue’s approval.


Building shadows rise as the sun sinks.


Spider-man swings into action, photobombing my firetruck photo in Times Square.


A false sunset in Times Square, courtesy of a brilliant reflection flare.


The circumzenithal arc grows over Times Square. This is the one HDR shot in the bunch.


The fountain in City Hall Park during the morning of another sunny summer day. There’s a sliver of crescent moon up there.


Walking a bit slower than this guy was going over the Brooklyn Bridge, but he was kind enough to be wearing a color-coordinated shirt.


Trees, in fact, do grow in Brooklyn, and cast pretty shadows while they’re at it.


Refreshing options are everywhere during the summer. Everything is so colorful!


Mirror selfie in the Ralph Lauren Mansion VIP dressing room.  Just because.


The golden statue of Diana in the courtyard of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


One of the nicest construction barricade tunnels I’ve ever ventured through.


Here, we waited in a very long line for macarons flown in from France. It was so fancy.


Friends Jonathan and Gabby on our way to Jonathan’s hockey game. Long days mean long golden hours. Summer in the city is amazing.


The New York Stock Exchange exterior on a quiet Sunday morning.

It’s all about that dog.


I’m not even sure what was happening here, but the light looked cool so I went with it.


I just really liked the purple moped.


Breakfast coffee and bagels at a super hipster cafe.


The best part of walking around New York City was finding the older buildings that each had their own character. I love old stuff. Good thing I was about to leave for Europe that day…

Then, it was off to Ireland! Until the next post…

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