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Studio Myo Button Preview, Part II

Mar 15

Joining the rest are: – Surfing spam musubi – Maki sushi with friends – Spam musubi solo – Maki sushi solo – Matcha cupcake – “Say ‘NO’ to shooting on automatic!” Again, buttons are 1″ in size, and are $1 each!

Studio Myo Button Preview!

Mar 15

Here’s a preview of some of the new button designs I’ll be selling at KawaiiKon this year at our Studio Myo table!  This is just part of the new designs, so I’ll post the next set once I get some made.  Buttons are 1″ in diameter and cost $1 each. Designs include: – Digital pixel

Mother’s Day Custom Necklace Pre-Order

Mar 9

Hey everyone! So, as some of you know, I also make jewelry.  I’ve designed as simple necklace as a Mother’s Day gift for my own mom, so if anyone else would like to order one, let me know! The design features 3/8″ sterling silver hand-stamped discs with the mother’s children’s first initials,  a hand-stamped heart