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Basic Color Processing & Retouching For Cosplay Photography

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Overwatch Summer Games 2017 Cosplay Resources!


Hi everyone, long time no post! I’ve spent the last year kind of floundering my way through life, but I’m back with some resources for cosplaying the new beach-themed Summer Games skins in Overwatch! Each file is available to download for free from my Gumroad account, though tips are always appreciated.  So far, I’ve done the floral prints for Widowmaker’s Côte d’Azur skin and Soldier 76’s Grillmaster: 76 skin, as well as McCree’s towel for his Lifeguard skin. Click each image to be taking to its Gumroad store page!

Jurassic World



I’m so excited to finally share this shoot! We shot it last fall, and I had the dinosaur files courtesy of my awesome friend Travis Mangaoang, but I had artistic hangups about getting them merged into the photos properly, so I’ve been sitting on them for months. Yesterday, I decided enough was enough, and just went ahead with it.

Featuring cosplayers Elendriel and Vengeance Cosplay!  Make sure to head over to Facebook and like their pages!

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Mad Max/Assassin’s Creed Mashup Cosplay



I’ve FINALLY finished editing the photos that Ed took of me at the Mad Max: Fury Road group shoot a couple of weeks ago in Honolulu. Of course, once again I didn’t make a specific character costume, but chose to make my own Assassin’s Creed mashup costume! As soon as I saw Mad Max: Fury Road in the theater, I went around to all the Goodwill locations I could get to around Oahu and bought up a ton of faux and real leather jackets, as well as a set of football pads, and a men’s large waffle weave shirt. A few weeks after that, i found the perfect motorcycle jacket at Goodwill for only $30. However, I didn’t start actually making the costume until a day and a half before the photo shoot…but this is what I ended up with! And yes, right before we started shooting, I literally rolled in the dirty and had someone smear some mud on me.  So far this has been one of my favorite cosplays because I could be as grungy and gross as I have been in this summer humidity we’ve been having, because it was accurate to the aesthetic of the film.

Enjoy the rest of the photos!


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