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Uncanny Megan as “Biker Bulma”



Okay, so she calls it Motocross Bulma, but I like alliteration, so I’m going with “Biker Bulma”! Anyway, here’s a shoot I did with Uncanny Megan before she moved away. It was one of those days where the light was absolutely perfect, and made shooting easy!

I do have a behind-the-scenes video of this shoot available on Patreon for my $1+ patrons, if you’re interested!

Otherwise, enjoy!

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Jurassic World



I’m so excited to finally share this shoot! We shot it last fall, and I had the dinosaur files courtesy of my awesome friend Travis Mangaoang, but I had artistic hangups about getting them merged into the photos properly, so I’ve been sitting on them for months. Yesterday, I decided enough was enough, and just went ahead with it.

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