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Waikiki Wandering


Black fish in the water at Turtle Canyon

Something has changed in me over the last few months. Despite growing up as an outdoorsy-kid gallivanting all over Maui – hiking, snorkeling, body surfing, exploring in general – I’ve spent most of my 20s cooped up inside, sitting in front of my computer. However, a few months ago, I started to get this feeling like I needed to get outside and jump in the ocean. Of course I’ve been to the beach plenty of times in my life, but it was never really a part of my adult lifestyle, mostly due to constantly having a camera in my bag that I did not want to leave alone on the sand while I was in the water. Combined with my eyes getting worse and being prone to infection with my contact lenses, I rarely swam anymore…until now. I haven’t regularly exercised since I was in the 8th grade, and the older I get, the harder it is to stay in some semblance of good shape, and I guess my body had enough of it, because I could feel it craving the ocean.

I’ve also been shooting for 2Chillies Swimwear for nearly a year now, and since I started being around the ocean for our photo shoots at least once a month, I finally invested in an Outex underwater housing for my camera. I have so many awesome friends who are underwater and surf photography experts who basically live in the ocean, and I’m really happy I can finally go out to play with them!

Photo of me courtesy of Shannon Cummings of Memories Aquatic!

Photo of me with my Outex housing courtesy of Shannon Cummings of Memories Aquatic!

And play truly is the key word. In any passion-turned-business, you run the risk of burning yourself out on it, and I have to be really careful about photography. Of course I’ll always love it, but I’ve recently been so focused on shooting for work purposes that I find myself uninspired to go out and shoot for myself – to play, experiment, and have fun with it again. Business has been great, but my personal work has been suffering, so forcing myself into a new environment where I’m almost learning from scratch, combined with legitimate exercise, has been amazing for my mental health and spirit.

So that explains my recent foray into the world of underwater photography, but let’s get to the actual purpose of this post – Waikiki Wednesdays! Since Hawaii’s weather has been really bipolar so far this year, I’ve taken to trying to get out and into the ocean on any sunny day I can. My lovely friend Lauren, who kind of does everything  – dancer, model, designer, sailor, stylist, makeup-artist, businesswoman – is also the manager of 2Chillies Swimwear Waikiki, so she’s been the most amazing producer for our shoots over the last year, and also happens to be super fun to hang out with. She happens to have Wednesday mornings off, so I texted her if she wanted to go adventuring with me yesterday, and off we went!

So, first off, we managed to get ourselves aboard a boat sailing out to Turtle Canyon off the coast of Waikiki for some snorkeling. Unfortunately, the water clarity was pretty awful (likely do to the recent south swell we’ve been having), so I only managed to get a few decent photos. Through the murky water, I could see gigantic sea turtles wandering around the ocean floor, so I can’t wait to go back again sometime in better conditions!  After we got back out of the water, the boat sailed around for a bit before heading back to shore. Lauren and I had lunch, then went while she went back to work, I ended up wandering around Waikiki on a solo photo walk for the rest of the day. It’s been ages since I was just shooting for the sake of shooting, and I hope you all enjoy the images I came up with, which are so very me in aesthetic that it was incredibly therapeutic to just shoot what I wanted the way I wanted to.

Sailing past a surfer.

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Obligatory Mother’s Day baby photo. This is Mom and I in 1987.

Mom and I take a selfie in December 2013.

Mom and I take a selfie in December 2013.

So, those of you who follow me on social media might have already realized that my mom is pretty cool. But besides that, I’m super stoked to have a mom that has not only been a massively good influence on my life (obviously), but who is also a person I have tons of fun hanging out with – she’s seriously one of my best friends. So, to celebrate Mother’s Day, here’s a ton of candid photos of her and I hanging out in Japan last December that I lifted from my dad’s camera and slapped some VSCO filters on.

Please note that we were wearing the exact same coat for most of this trip. Also note that this is one of the rare times I’m truly exhibiting my ridiculousness in front of the camera in public – no retouching, and lots of stupid expressions. :D

PS. Thanks Dad, you’re basically the only person besides Ed who takes pictures of me. <3

PPS. I’ll try to update my blog again soon without the 4-months-between-posts.

On a plane!

Dad taking a photo of Mom taking a photo of me while I take a photo of a train…or something.

Among other things, I inherited my taste for coffee from Mom. Japanese vending machine coffee decisions are serious business.


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Kauai 2013 – Day 5


View of Niihau at sunset from Waimea Beach.

Our last full day on Kauai began with a breakfast buffet at the Makana Terrace.  I love buffets for breakfast because I prefer savory to sweet carbohydrates as my first meal of the day, and this buffet allowed me to get a sweet little waffle as a dessert to top off my meal.

Breakast at the St. Regis’ Makana Terrace.

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