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July 4th Collaboration


I’d like to thank everyone for their awesome support of the Americana 2012 photo shoot!  Now that I’ve finished with that project for now, it’s back to catching up on my editing and working on making the new apartment livable before I go back to shooting for almost a week straight next week.  I don’t have much else to say for today, but wanted to share an image that was a true collaboration with our whole shooting team. Our amazing model and good friend Taneka came along as Tyson’s wardrobe assistant for our second day of shooting for the Americana 2012 shoot, and thus hadn’t been planning on modeling at all, but my husband Ed has had an idea for an Americana portrait for a while, and she agreed to pose for it post-shoot. Our fantastic makeup artist Zairrah stayed later than she had to and did some awesome makeup, Ed styled Neka with some of Tyson’s accessories and then shot the photos with lighting assistance from Scotty, and then I edited the image!

Americana 2012


Hello everyone!

Welcome to my revamped website/blog! Unfortunately, despite all good intentions, it is not running at 100% quite yet and has a few bugs to be worked out — which I suppose is what happens when I choose to move my website the same weekend we move into our new apartment. However, the website has come together enough for me to deliver its debut photoshoot, as promised – unlike our apartment, which will likely remain in a state of boxed chaos for the time being. Special thanks goes out to my BFF Kaeo Kepani for designing and coding this layout for me!

I’ll write again soon (after I recover from this editing all-nighter) about what I intend to do with this blog, but for now, I leave you with my latest project, Americana 2012. Inspired by a combination of last year’s shoot for an American Eagle competition and actually having a few free days during the last couple of weeks, this project began with me telling my stylist friend Tyson Joines, “Let’s do something Americana before the 4th. Maybe with fireworks.”  This project, despite its humble beginnings, was not immune from scheduling conflicts, traffic, and other obstacles, but I’m proud of the talented group of people I had the privilege of working with, and am quite happy with the fruits of our labor.

I hope you all enjoy these images, and I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July!

Click each image to see it full-size!

Special thanks goes out to Homecoming Boutique and Philanthrophy by Madison and Company, two amazing local boutiques located on Oahu!