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That Awkward “I haven’t posted in a while…” Post


Since I’m about to start blogging again, I figured I should ease into it with a catch-up post!

Some things that happened in the last six months:

In all honestly, besides travel, the first half of the year wasn’t that memorable for me. Sure, there was infrequent work, but I feel like our last months living in Kailua were pretty stagnant for me. The art camp I was participating in was my answer to my “lack of busy” I’d been having, and was great for the first few weeks, but then around June life turned upside down when we were informed we needed to move out of our Kailua apartment due to the owner moving back from the mainland. Suddenly, painting fell by the wayside, and somehow amidst the turmoil of moving, my work increased tenfold – definitely a result of spending more time in town!

And that’s been the gist of my life now – lots of photography work, not enough time to paint, but life is on the upswing, and hopefully I’ll have more to post about. I’m also hoping to do more review/tutorial-type posts, so keep an eye out for those as well.

A blog post by me wouldn’t be complete without excessive photo posting, so here’s a small selection:

HDR shot of the cherry blossom lantern festival at Honmyō-ji in Kumamoto. It was very crowded, so it was hard to get good shots without too many people, but the experience was amazing!

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Commence Age 26!


Today, I turn 26 years old! I have now completed a full quarter-century, which is kind of crazy, but it’s also exciting to see how much more life I still have left to live. I like to celebrate each birthday by saying I survived another year not out of morbid humor, but because I really do strive to live adventurously as much as possible, so whether it’s been rappelling down the tallest building in Waikiki, standing on a cliff ledge next to an active lava flow, or simply getting into cars and planes to see new places and visit old friends, as long as I come out of it all alive, the adventure continues!  I can only hope that 26 is even more epic than 25 was, because despite my minor quarter-life crisis moments, 25 was a year of important change and growth for me.

My birthday photos were taken by my good friend and fellow photographer, Jonas Maon. The top jumping image was composited by me with one of my recent starry sky photographs, and this collaboration is available as a print!