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2014 In Review

Basking in a light beam within a nearly empty St. Peter's Basilica.

First post of 2015! I might as well make it a long one. And, as it will probably be a bit too long for Facebook, which is my main posting location, I will actually update my long-neglected blog.

2014 was a very interesting year for me. It had some extreme highs, extreme lows, and some absolutely mundane middles.

The first half of the year started off incredibly busy for me. I turned 27, was constantly working, and actually socialized quite a bit, both with old friends and new ones.  I had one of my photos used in a full-page ad for 2Chillies Swimwear in Vogue Australia.  In March, we bought our condo, officially becoming homeowners after half a year of searching for the right place. My dad and I took Ed for his first overnight crater trip at Haleakala. I got an Outex housing for my camera and started playing with underwater photography as a way to get my ever-increasing butt out of the house and into some form of physical activity. I began exploring the family photo archives for images of old Oahu to share. I finally got my own suit of Halo Spartan armor thanks to some awesome friends. I tried to make more effort to draw and paint, but didn’t really have the time to get it to stick. And there was lots and lots of work – some fun, but mostly stressful and sometimes difficult.

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Fundraiser Print Shop For Sara Beth Richards


Hi everyone! If you could take a moment to read this, and share if you can, it’d be much appreciated. One of my lovely friends, Sara Beth Richards, has long-struggled with PCOS and endometriosis. After seeing doctors for years, and after experiencing “over 100 ultrasounds, MRIs, etc.”, she finally got to see a new specialist, only to discover that her right ovary has been completely covered in “Chocolate Cysts”, giving it 0% function, and her left ovary has several cysts as well, though there is still a slim chance at function if immediately treated.

She is now scheduled for a surgery on November 4th. However, her insurance coverage requires a really high deductible before they will pay, and she is looking at up to $6500 in out-of-pocket expenses.  Sara Beth is an Army National Guard veteran currently going to school full-time and is working with a bartender’s income.

One of her friends is doing a Perfectly Posh (pampering products) fundraiser, and I’d like to offer a special art print gallery, with images below, where 100% of the profits will go to Sara Beth to help her with her medical costs.  The ‘Americana’ themed images are from a shoot I did of Sara Beth in 2011, and I threw in a few landscape shots for good measure!

If you’d like to donate directly to Sara Beth, her PayPal is sara-hay (at) live.com.  Thank you very much for reading this!

Here are the available prints, just click to be taken to the shopping cart! (New prints are added at the top!):


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