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Basic Color Processing & Retouching For Cosplay Photography

Video tutorials available now!



Photo of the Day – Beach Cameras


Gabe and Appi at Ala Moana Beach Park, with cameras.  Shot with my 35mm Canon Rebel and 50mm 1.8 lens, using that weird black-and-white but color-processed film.  I love that film.  But seriously, getting film developed is expensive!  Got single 4×6 prints plus CD for two rolls of film in one hour, and it was about $20.   I also bought some Polaroid 600 to stockpile, as it was cheaper at WalMart than on Amazon.  Yes, I am a film-romantic, despite all the DSLRs I usually wield.

Thoughts on Digital Painting


Here’s a small tip sheet I put together a while back for people interested in getting into digital painting. It’s not quite a tutorial, but a list of basic information and techniques for beginners:

Click to Download the PDF

I made this around last September (2008), so it’s slightly outdated in mentioning Photoshop CS3 and Painter X (as opposed to the more current CS4 and Painter XI). Still, the information should be mostly relevant!

Hope you all like it!