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Basic Color Processing & Retouching For Cosplay Photography

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Photo Editing!


Let me edit your photos to fund my coffee habit! 

I have an addiction to delicious coffee, and I blame my four months living in Italy for it. Prior to that, I’d actually reduced my caffeine intake to only unsweetened green tea! I don’t try to fight it anymore, and until I can afford an espresso machine for my home (and that’s after I get my 5D Mark III, Cintiq 24HD tablet, and a couple new lenses), I depend on a daily trip to one of the many coffee shops in the neighborhood. Yes, I do alternate between corporate coffee and indie businesses. No, brewed coffee and Keurig just don’t cut it anymore.

But, I can’t deny that the costs of coffee adds up. $3/day, at least, for my large iced Americanos. So I had a thought…

Do you have a photo of yourself that you’d love to use as your Facebook profile picture, but it needs a little work? Let me try to make the most of it in my moments of spare time in front of my computer!


  • Offer not eligible for professionals wishing to outsource the editing of commercial work. I have enough of my own stuff to work on!
  • Limit is two (2) photos per person, per week.
  • Photos may not be for professional use beyond being a profile/bio photo on a business Facebook page.
  • Photos cannot be sold as stock or used in any advertising material/brand representation.
  • Basically, edited photos should only be for personal use. If you’re wanting more than that, hire me.
  • Photos will only be guaranteed editing for web quality, not print quality.
  • I have the right to refuse any job and refund your money.
  • Edited photos will be emailed back to the email address they came from within three (3) days. (Unless I’m swamped with other work, in which case I will notify you.)
  • I’m good, but I’m not a miracle worker. Please be realistic with your expectations! ;)
Submission Guidelines
  • Send your biggest (highest resolution) files of the photo you want edited. The bigger it is, the easier it will be to edit. I will accept RAW files!
  • Email the file(s) to photoeditor@dallasnagatawhite.com, along with a description of what you would like done to the photo, or if you trust my judgement.  Example: “Hi Dallas, please remove my blemishes, make my teeth whiter, and give it an Instagram-like vintage tint.”
  • Use the buttons below to submit payment via PayPal. I will not edit a photo until I have received confirmation of the correct payment! Please “Add Note To Seller” if the email address you are sending the image from is not the same as your PayPal account email address.



Basic and/or Creative Color/Contrast/Tinting (Solo/Duo) – $5.00 Per Photo

Basic and/or Creative Color/Contrast/Tinting (3+ Group Photo) – $10.00 Per Photo


+Skin (Blemishes/Wrinkles/Etc.) (Solo/Duo) – $15.00 Per Photo

+Skin (Blemishes/Wrinkles/Etc.) (3+ Group Photo) – $20.00 Per Photo


+ Stray Hairs/Light Body Enhancement/Etc. (Solo/Duo) – $25.00 Per Photo

+ Stray Hairs/Light Body Enhancement/Etc. (3+ Group Photo) – $30.00 Per Photo



Here’s an example of taking an unflattering self-photo of myself and Ed right after waking up and going for a walk in the hot sun. I did color/contrast, cosmetic retouching, cropped it, and added a light Instagram-like color tint to it.  Now you know all my shameful secrets.

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