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Osaka 2011 – Day 3


Sorry for the delay in this post! I returned from Japan on Saturday, and spent most of the weekend catching up on sleep before shooting a wedding yesterday evening.  I do have my ‘Scenes from Japan’ collection up on Nonstop Honolulu right now, which features some images from the previous days, as well as previews of the not-yet-posted Day 4, but let’s get on with Day 3!

My day started with walking across the street from our hotel, the Dōtonbori Hotel, to grab a coffee from the Lawsons convenience store. I’ve never seen such a wide selection of canned coffee and tea – for me, it’s heaven. After settling on my coffee of the day, I joined Burt and Mari for a quick stroll around the area. I even stumbled across a Lush, which I’ve also been to in Florence, Dublin, Vancouver, and Auckland, besides the American locations. It’s now on my travel checklist to always try to find an international Lush!

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2010 Year In Review


I had so much to say about this year, but though I’ve been thinking about it almost constantly for the past week, I never wrote down any of my ramblings. Instead, here is my year in review*:

*Graphic designer friends, please don’t kill me for my horrendous attempt at typography. <3

PS. I didn’t spell-check. ><



I haven’t posted anything very personal on this blog yet, so here’s a taste of what’s been happening in my life. This past December, at the TBQ Anniversary Party/Tweetup, I met a certain Edward White, soldier for the U.S. Army by day, photographer and social media darling by night.  It was the closest to love at first sight that I will ever realistically be, and, much to my happiness, he felt the same.

Fast-forward to two months later, specifically Valentine’s Day.  On this day, he left for his year-long deployment to Afghanistan.  I never thought I would be a military girlfriend dealing with deployment, but when you know, you know, and he is completely worth the wait.  To help document my experiences over the next year on being the significant other of a deployed soldier, I’ve started a 365 Photo blog over on Posterous.  I’m already 3 days down, with at least 362 days left to go, but it has already helped me get through these first few days.

Ed himself is also blogging his deployment via Posterous, so please check it out.  I have contributor permissions for his blog, so I may post something once in a while from the POV of the ‘girlfriend back home’.  His father, Mark White, is also blogging there from a fatherly perspective, so you, dear reader, will get the full deployment experience!

I’ll leave you now with a preview shot from our portrait shoot together with the fantastic Lisa Hoang of Windwardskies Photography!

In short:

Ed’s Twitter

Ed’s Deployment Blog

My 365 Photo Blog

There are a few more announcements of projects and such on the horizon, and I will hopefully be blogging a lot more now, so stay tuned.