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One December Night


Edward and I, one summer night. Print available.

Three years ago today, I met the love of my life. We celebrate two anniversaries – our wedding, of course, and the night we met completely by chance, and everything changed.  Here are our two versions of the story of that night that we each wrote a couple of years ago, when the memories were still crystal clear, so we would never forget:

The short version, as told by Dallas:

Well, it all started when I went to the TBQ party. I noticed him as he came in because 1.) I thought he was hot, 2.) He had a camera, and 3.)I’d never seen him before, even though I know a lot of the Twitter-photographers.  Later, when we were shooting the opening dance/music for the night, I noticed I had a better position for photos than he did, so I made eye contact with him for the first time and motioned for him to move closer as I scooted over. Later, I went to hide by Kaeo, who was doing the A/V stuff for the event’s livestream, and Ed ended up following me back there. We talked about photography, and he showed me his photos on his iPhone. I remember thinking, “Do I really have to look at this guy’s photos?” but then I also realized I’d just been complaining about no one seeing my own photos, and this was obviously one way to go about it. Plus, his weren’t bad. ;) Before we stopped talking, I added him to Facebook and we exchanged cards.

Later that night, he found me again, and literally dragged me onto the dance floor. Anyone who was there that night might remember my infamous ‘hooker-boots’, and my feet were already dying…but I danced anyway. Considering I can barely walk in them, I thought I did okay, but he now believes I can’t really dance. :P

Back with my friends, I was giggling madly about the whole thing. I don’t do the “meet-random-people-dance-with-them” thing…EVER.

He eventually came back and dragged me out for another dance, after which I pleaded mercy for my feet and we spent the rest of the night at the club just sitting and talking.

After the party was over, a lot of people were re-locating to Shokudo for food, and Ed offered to give me a ride there. I was a little hesitant getting into a car with a stranger, but I figured if he tried anything bad I could blacklist him on Twitter (yes, my logic…), so I went with him. We drove to Shokudo and sat in his car for 20 minutes still talking with each other before heading into the restaurant. He bought me dinner and we talked and talked and talked…

Finally, he admitted he had to be up for work in just a few hours, so I walked him out to his car, because I was catching a ride home with Kaeo. We slowly said goodnight, and then he lingered by his car door. I’m kind of blunt and impatient, so I finally asked him point blank, “So, do you want to kiss me?”

He said yes. And I said, “Okay.” And he did. Twice.

And that’s the story of how we met.

Pretty much love-at-first-sight. <3

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In Memoriam – 5D Mark II


I knew this day was coming, so it comes as no surprise…and even though it might not be the end, I’ve already resigned myself to it being so.


My 5D Mark II has finally kicked the bucket.


AKA had an ‘Error 30’, which a brief Google Search told me meant I’d have to send it in for repair, as it’s a shutter mechanism issue.


I’m okay with it, as it has had a long, hard life over the last three and a half years or so, and it has been in decline ever since I was caught in a rainstorm without protection in May.  Since getting drenched, the on/off/aperture lock switch has taken a lot of effort to get the aperture unlocked, so I’ve basically left it in the “on” position since then. There’s also its infamous hot pixel issue with the sensor that even a trip to Canon couldn’t resolve, so it’s probably time for it to be replaced.


However, even though it’s just a piece of (thankfully insured) equipment, my 5D Mark II, has been on some great adventures with me throughout some significant times in my life.  In honor of its passing (and I may be speaking too soon as we still need to call the insurance agent tomorrow), I’d like to offer a retrospective of its life with me.

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