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Night Of The Super Moon


Tonight, we braved the wind, rain, and freezing temperatures up on Haleakala to capture the biggest full moon in 18 years, known as the “super moon”.  Although we missed the moon rise due to bad weather, once the bright moonlight broke through the clouds I managed to capture a ‘moonbow’ at the summit!  Here are some of my photos from tonight:

New Year’s Eve 2010-2011, Honolulu


With my husband still gone for this New Year’s Eve, I chose to spend it doing photography rather than going out to party. I ended up going to do some light writing and sparklers with my friend Ricky before we drove up above Liliha area to photograph some of the many illegal aerials going off around the city. Later, I returned back to my neighborhood in time to catch the intense midnight explosions going off around us, and then did some smokey long exposures while walking back home.  If I manage to get my video clips together, I’ll post those later!

Note: The squiggly lines in some of my shots are those new paper lanterns that were being sold this year…they were super neat!

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Late last night, just as I was finishing up making my spontaneous dessert, an awesome lightning storm started up over Oahu. I have more video clips where this came from, but am going to need to meet up with my video buddies to help me edit them together in a somewhat civilized manner.

Power Goes Out During Lightning Storm from Dallas White on Vimeo.

But in the meantime, here’s some photos of my neighborhood after the lights went out. Almost looks like daytime except for the car light-streaks and Tripler’s Christmas lights in the distant background. This first one has the blue tint because of a large lightning flash during the 30 second exposure. These photos were all taken around midnight, when normally all the streetlights would be on.